You may contact me by

phone: 705.726.9506


email: rwminnings [at] gmail [dot] com


4 responses to “Contact

  1. Where is my picture?

  2. RIck, Nice to meet you at the Linwood project yesterday in Oro. The installation on the StoneRox (Canadian Made) Facing stone is exceptional. I will be happy to refer you to any clients that are looking for stone work to be completed in and around Central Ontario. It is one of the nicest projects that I have seen in my career with the company.

    All the best,
    Brad Miller

    • Hi Brad – sorry, I am just seeing this now (have been too busy to keep up with the blog!)

      It was great to meet you too, and thank you for the compliments on the stone work. And I always appreciate referrals – it is the best compliment. So thank you!

      Actually I am working on another big project now with StoneRox – I will get pictures up as soon as I can.

      Rick Minnings

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