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Cultured Stone – A Mess-Free Exterior Installation

Cultured stone is not only for new houses but can also be applied on any house – it can replace bricks, aluminum siding or stucco.  Cultured stone will transform your house from outdated to a modern look without the hassles or mess of structural construction.

I thought I’d show some pictures of an exterior cultured stone project, in-process, to demonstrate how clean and problem-free cultured stone installation is.

This 20-year old home is located north of Barrie, right on the water. Cultured stone is great for homes and cottages, and withstands all extreme weather conditions!

After-photos are on their way.

Exterior of the home, ready for cultured stone installation

Boxes of cultured stone

The beginning of a cultured stone wall

Cultured stone around the garage

Because of it's natural look, cultured stone goes great with landscaping & gardens

Another view of the gardens with the cultured stone project in the background

This is a big exterior project so stay tuned for "after" pics!


Another beautiful cultured stone exterior

Are you trying to sell your home? Or maybe you’re just wanting to add some curb appeal? A cultured stone exterior is a great way to give your home a memorable first impression.

Check out this beautiful home. My clients wanted their house to stand out, so I added just enough cultured stone to highlight the architectural details of the home.

Cultured Stone for your Commercial Building

I transformed this existing commercial building – facing Hwy 400 in Barrie –  with a cultured stone facelift. Previously, the building had an unwelcoming cement block exterior and little, if any, curb appeal. Now, it is welcoming and attractive for customers and clients.

Cultured stone can be used to improve the esthetic of your business or storefront and requires little to no prep work. It is durable and can withstand the elements (even Ontario winters).

Email me a photo of your business or home and I can give you a free quote and design ideas: rwminnings [at] sympatico . ca

Creating Curb Appeal

cultured stone exterior home

Combining Cultured Stone and Stucco gives great high end curb appeal

Whether you are planning a new build, or a face lift to your existing home or office consider using CULTURED STONE.

For those who have a home with brick exterior, consider adding cultured stone to give it an updated look with a huge curb appeal without structural worries – i.e. no extra cost or need to tear down your old brick, or install footings – in most instances, cultured stone is applied directly to the face of the brick!

For those who have a home with siding exterior, the installation is still relatively simple. Old siding comes down, and very little prep work is required to begin refacing with cultured stone.

For this project I installed cultured stone to the exterior of this home – using a style and colour pallette that is warm, inviting and provides fabulous curb appeal.