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Updating an aluminum siding exterior using cultured stone veneer


Even though we have a foot of snow outside, it’s time to start thinking about springtime home improvement projects.

This house is one of my favourite projects. The homeowner wanted to update his all-siding home that he had just purchased in Horseshoe Valley. He told me that he loved everything about this home, except it’s tired-looking aluminum siding exterior.

The result speaks for itself. The cultured stone veneer was a quick and easy way to really increase the curb appeal of this home. I’ve now done several projects involving the replacement of aluminum siding with cultured stone. If done properly, it is a simple but stunning home update. Check out the before and after shots below:


BEFORE: The front of the house with the aluminum siding.


BEFORE: The front of the house with the double garage visible.


BEFORE: The side of the house, which is visible from the road.

And now, the AFTER shots featuring cultured stone veneers.


AFTER: The front door now stands out with a stone arch framing it.


AFTER: Cultured stone along the front porch and the side of the garage.


AFTER: Another view of the front door.


AFTER: A view of the double garage with cultured stone details.


AFTER: The stone wraps around the side of the house. which now looks great and adds to the curb appeal.


AFTER: Another shot of the front of the house with it’s new cultured stone veneer finish.


AFTER: Another view of the front door area.