Refacing brick fireplaces with CULTURED STONE


Many fireplaces in homes that were built in the past decades are brick. Getting rid of your dated brick fireplace (and I don’t mean painting it!)  is not a difficult upgrade – regardless of whether your fireplace is wood-burning, gas, or electric….refresh your room and add comfort and value to your home with CULTURED STONE.

For this project, the main priorities of the homeowner was to cover up a large brick wall in a main floor family room – that is open to the kitchen – with a similar stone that they loved in their previous home in Quebec.

I met with the homeowner and explained how we could achieve her vision. I accompanied her on visits to a number of stone manufacturers, where she could see first-hand – on full size display panels – over 30+ cultured stone styles and colours available.

There was no ‘tear down’ involved – the old brick fireplace is still behind the stone – which keeps the price much lower!


2 responses to “Refacing brick fireplaces with CULTURED STONE

  1. what would materials and labor for a project like this and could this be done the home owner

    • Hi Manuel,

      Sorry for the delay in responding!

      The materials and labour costs really depend on the project. Send me an email, ideally with pictures & dimensions of your project, and I can let you know more specifically.

      It typically isn’t recommended that home owners without experience in masonry take on projects like this, they can be pretty involved and it is usually more costly to repair a botched job than it would be to hire a professional from the beginning. Again send me an email and I can answer any more questions. rwminnings AT gmail DOT com

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